The process to obtain a license to grow medicinal cannabis under the ACMPR requires an original medical document to submit along with the formal application to Health Canada.


  • Proof of medical history – if a medical history document is unavailable, Green Rush Solutions may be able to help. Please inquire with one of our representatives. (*Existing MMAR Licenses may be submitted as proof of medical history.)
  • Valid provincial Health Card photo ID (or Health Card without photo and another piece of official Government photo ID)


  • How Many

    First we must identify how many plants you must grow to medicate effectively. (Each gram per day a person is prescribed equates to 5 plants)

  • Connect with Doctor

    We match you with a physician who is willing to prescribe the appropriate dosage to fill your medical need.

  • Submit

    We submit your prescription along with the Health Canada application and wait for your license to come in the mail.

  • Find a Facility

    We will match you with a facility that suits your specific needs. There is much to consider when choosing a production facility such as power amp service to the building, location, size and zoning.

  • Connect with Grower

    We can match you with one of our experienced designated growers. When choosing a designated grower there is much to consider.

  • Heal

    Cultivate high grade cannabis for your personal consumption.

Start the registration process today!